This guitar completes me as a musician. Regardless of owning it for a few years now, I’m still amazed by its quality, its tone and its playability. My dream guitar came to life through Max’s staggering talent and the effortless connection throughout the process.
Jeremie Joncas
#17 Black Matter Abyss
Having a custom made guitar built for me has been a magical experience. Being a hobbyist, I truly enjoyed Max’s guidance and honesty in finding the right specs for me. He has been very informative and understood my needs. As for the guitar itself, I can’t say enough good things about it. Its beauty, its tone and its playability exceeded my expectations. I got my custom guitar 3 years ago and it has been reliable all along. This guitar is a true gem. Thank you Max!
Emilie Wong
#15 Engelmann spruce & ziricote OM